Sunday, April 9, 2017

Trip Report: Yesterday and Today!

With great temperatures and no obligations I decided to fish yesterday and today! I hoped to find streams with a light, chalky green stain and that's what I found. Perfect dry fly water. I fished the Griffiths Gnat and Stripped Quill Mayfly Emerger most of the time. Fish primarily took the Gnat yesterday but the Mayfly performed quite well today.
I found no really consistent hatch throughout both days. With temperatures around 70 I expected faster action on top but that will come with time I suppose.
Yesterday I fished with my buddy Tim who can be seen launching a cast to rising fish right along the log pointed toward him. Tim landed a decent number of fish by most measures but a sub par showing by his standards.
This fish was one of the better trout of the day. He took the Mayfly. I could see him swim to the top, grab the fly, and turn back toward the bottom before the hook was set. We tried streamers at one point but I had better luck on the dry. The San Juan Worm also produced.
 This stream was absolutely beautiful! The area reminds me of a few spots I fished often while living in Montana. It's rugged country to access which keeps most people away.
I was completely exhausted by the time we made it back to the car and I was feeling it this morning. After doing some chores around the house I was ready to fish. With Mayflies on the mind I set out to a stream that has potential for producing decent brookies.
This was the big fish of the day, probably around 13 inches. I landed at least a dozen browns and three brookies in three hours of fishing.
 The big brookie of the day. Conditions are pretty good and I expect midges and a few mayflies to come of sporadically throughout the week.

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