Thursday, August 9, 2018

Trip Report(s)-Been Fishin'

While I haven't gotten out for long periods at a time I took a few hours here and there over the last couple days and chased browns, bows, and brookies. Streams have been crystal clear and fishing decent, although a little stain would be nice.
 On a sunny day I chased stocker bows on a new piece of habitat improved water. It was a great day of fishing and between bows I hooked into a few little brownies. On the way home I hit a tiny little stream and it went well.
 This little crick didn't fish great but a few came to hand here and there. I hit a piece of unimproved water on a little closer to home and again landed a few.
 Fish ate San Juan worms and zebra midges readily. When fish rose within range they responded well to a size 18 quill bodied mayfly emerger. That evening I chased trout with Jon again. After giving him a ton of shit about hanging up in the trees and missing strikes he went and landed a nice rainbow!
 We encountered plenty of rising fish as the rain started to fall and after landing a few between us decided to call it a day. On Tuesday afternoon I headed out for an hour or so and chased brookies.
I was rewarded with a few little buggers. Brookies and browns are just starting to don their spawning shades and it won't be long before the bigguns come out to play! Stay tuned.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Trip Report: Fishin' So Far + New Rod

 I've fished a few times this weekend. Last night I went out with Deaner to chase trout in the evening. We each landed a few (he more than I). We hadn't fished together for a while it was nice to catch up. Here he is casting a loop toward some finicky fish.
I met up with a friend to fish early this morning. We hit the stream by 730ish and fished till noon. We changed flies consistently and pulled 'em in on streamers, nymphs, midges, and princes among others. We fished one at a time switching between fish or periods of a few minutes without fish. John wasn't used to fishing the tighter water of the stream we fished today and spent a lot of time in the weeds. When he did land the fly in the water he did quite well!
After landing a few good browns and missing his fare share of strikes (the strikes on this stretch of water are subtle) John landed this decent little brownie. It wasn't long before he found brookies.
His hands are big. We measured these against the grip of my rod and they measured approximately 10-12 inches. We rolled some good fish but couldn't close the deal. Fishing one at a time worked pretty well, and by the time we left we landed over 2 dozen between us.

 This one was fun to build. I'll be sad to see it go when the owner comes to get 'er. This was built on an H&H Ftx blank and other components came from Proof Fly Fishing. I have a few more rods to work on coming up but hit me up if interested in a build.
 Get 'em while they're hot!

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Trip Report: Hoedown Showdown

Early last week my buddy Jesse pointed out that we've been fishing the Sunday morning after he attends the Houston Hoedown for the last two years. Jesse wanted to make it 3. Additionally he challenged me to a race to land a brook, brown, and rainbow trout. We arrived on stream by around 830am and the Hoedown Showdown began.
I started off real strong! I landed a few on the San Juan worm but quickly hit my stride fishing with a gray size 18 tungsten beaded zebra midge. At one point I turned a nice 17-18 incher but didn't land the hook.
This water was really cool and springs were noted throughout the stretch of water we fished. After landing this buttery brown I hooked into a few larger than average trout.
At this point Jesse and I each landed a brookie and a brown. His brookie was around 13"! Fishing stayed really hot for me on the midge. Fish ate it dead drifted and drifted slowly with a twitch. Eventually I approached the most perfect little run with a few branches hanging in. I made a somewhat errant cast which landed on the inside seam. As soon as my fly began to drag in the current I spotted a nice fish dart out from some overhanging grass and the fight was on!
This was my big fish of the day. I appreciated that Jesse ran up to snap a pic. It didn't take long for me to return the favor. This dude can fish!
 Jesse fished with a combination of Rapala's, spinners, and worms. I know a lot of fly fishers tend to be put off by people fishing with worms but I watched this dude hook every worm caught trout perfectly in the lip. He also carried a cooler and planned to keep any gut hooked fish.
 After pulling in at least a few dozen between the two of us we called it a day around 330pm. It was a great Showdown. I landed the biggest brown at approximately 16". No super big ones today but our average sized trout was probably around 12 or 13 inches.

Saturday, July 28, 2018

New Rod for Sale

 I started building this one between orders but got caught up and hurried to finish it so I could move on to others.
It is a Whitewater Valley Flies 9 ft five weight built on a H&H Ftx blank. I like the look of silver thread wraps over the bluish hue of the blank. Cost is $200.00. If intersted in this or any other rod send me an email at cgrie750 at hotmail dot com.

Trip Report: Fishin' With a Special Delivery

I met up with a friend this morning and fished before and after delivering a new fly rod to a special customer. More on that in a minute. We arrived on stream around 845am to find crystal clear water and sunny conditions.
This picture was washed out so I edited it up a little bit. I may have to incorporate it into a new business card. Shortly after I took this picture Tim missed a couple hook sets in a row, amateur hour;)
We landed a high average and yes, Tim did redeem himself. This fish ate a beetle off a perfectly placed cast around 30 feet upstream. He stayed low, used a long leader, and made his first couple casts to the run count. It's always fun to watch how others approach a stream. I always leave our fishing trips feeling like I've learned something.
After walking back to the car we headed into town to meet up with Jim Holden, a great fly fisher, and author of a new book, titled "Heron Thieves, A Bat Out of Hell, and Other Fly Fishing Stories, Essays and Poems". 
 If anyone is interested in a copy message me on here or leave a comment and I can get a hold of one for you for a steal of a deal at $10.00 ea. Here is the fly rod I handed off.
I enjoyed building this rod and I hope if serves it's purpose well. After chatting with Jim for a while Tim and I returned to the stream. This stream held fish but it was not fast and furious. We took a number of approaches and settled on the trusty San Juan worm. We did fish streamers for a while and despite landing a couple here and there none broke the scale.
It's kind of hard to see but Tim's line is looking funky in this shot! Although the fishing left something to be desired the scenery was second to none.
 This was Tim's view while he tied on a new fly. At this point we had failed on the stimi with a pheasant tail dropper.
This fish came from behind a rock to nip the worm fly. I set the hook as he was retreating back to his lair and the battle ensued. He came to hand in short order.
Unfortunately Tim busted his rod (or maybe fortunately since now I've got one to build for him:). We probably landed 2 dozen or so between the two of us before calling it a day at 430pm. I always enjoy fishing with Tim and hope he gets back this way soon.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Trip Report: Before Work

I got up early to take a few seasoned fly anglers to chase trout but after receiving word they would need to reschedule I decided to head out solo. I planned to chase brookies locally and set out by 7ish.
 After landing a few brownies on the San Juan worm I switched between a number of flies. One fly that landed a good number of fish was a size 24 thread bodied zebra midge. 
 Numerous good sized brookies came to hand on those little buggers. The streamer landed a few although after the sun hit the water hard the streamer bite died. I switched around a lot today but easily landed the most trout on a size 16 quill bodied mayfly emerger. Fished dead drifted, skated downstream, and twitched sunken worked really well. I landed quite a few decent brookies and browns before tying into this beast!
This picture does not do him justice. The jaw was kyped out real good! As I shifted from this shot to take one of him by the grip of my fly rod he squirmed a little and rather than give him the death grip I released him to the drink. I'd guess he's around 13". I fished on and by the time I headed off the stream around 11am I must've unhooked at least a few dozen trout.
On two occasions I hooked into some really nice fish and after violent splashes on the surface the hooks came loose. Those fish will bring me back before too long.

Trip Report: Kentucky George

Last Friday night I received a text from a good fishin' buddy, George saying he planned to squeeze in a day of Driftless trout fishing on Sunday. We picked a stream and met there around 730am. He's fished the MN Driftless a decent amount but I wanted to introduce him to one of my favorite little streams. He's a high stickin' son of a bitch, which to fly fishermen means he fishes close to the stream with his line tight to heavier flies fished deep. It's fun to watch him fish and observing his technique always ups my nymphing game. I'm always trying to sell him the virtues of nymphing froggy water.
 Fish are very spooky in this stream and on this day the river ran crystal clear with the sun high in the sky. I landed some fish but George killed it!
This fish took some skill to land. The chunker dove for undercuts and submerged rocks to no avail. After fishing a good section of this stream we headed to another really technical stream to chase brookies. We landed a good number brookies and browns on this little stream. We were surprised at how fish ate such a variety of flies. We caught fish on various nymphs, midges, dry flies, streamers, and sj worms. I'd guess our combined effort saw 40+ fish to hand by the time we headed back to town. It was great to get out and fun to watch George cast into the weeds;)