Saturday, July 15, 2017

Trip Report: Yak Fishin'

Today my country ass got out fishin' with my friend Sean from the cities. We saddled up the kayaks and hit the stream around 930am. We started both fishing a size 16 Quill Bodied Hairwing Mayfly Emerger swung down and across. I landed numerous small fish as well as a few bigger ones in the first run. Sean took a minute to adjust to fishing this style but began to bring them in with some frequency as we proceeded.
The water was crystal clear except for the deeper pools which carried just the right amount of sediment. Many fish caught on the Emerger came from the transitions from clear water to the perfectly stained green spots. After the sun came on strong around 2pm we switched to using nymphs through some of the deeper pools. The Pink Squirrel of Prey, prince nymph, and early stage caddis emerger fished really well.
Sean prodded the depths of this typical riffle-y run to no avail. We missed a ton of strikes today, probably because we're both a little out of practice right now:( I hope to change that over the next few weeks, stay tuned.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Turns Out it was Broken!

Turns out it was broken. I've got a solid boot now though so I'll be back to fishing pretty quick:)

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Trip Report: Awe Shit

Today I had a pretty bad awe shit moment. I arrived on stream at 920am ready to slay some easily spooked trout. With a San Juan Worm on my line and a great stain in this headwaters stream I was ready for a great day of fishing. As I approached the stream I planned to wet wade, despite the cold weather. For some reason I changed my mind at the last minute. This meant I'd have to jump across the stream, swollen and soaked from recent rains. I took a few steps forward and launched myself above the stream. Unfortunately I didn't launch myself quite all the way over the stream. My foot jammed awkwardly into rock on the other side of the stream and my foot and ankle gave. I felt my plans for work and upcoming vacation slip away. I felt a sharp tearing sensation over the top of my right foot and around the outside of my foot. I hit the ground like a ton of bricks. After rolling around for a minute or so I started thinking with more clarity. I crawled to the stream and soaked my foot while it throbbed. My shoe quickly tightened around my swollen foot despite the numbing water. While my foot soaked I slowly crawled my way upstream toward a decent looking pool with a perfect stain. 
Worms crawled around on shore which made the San Juan Worm boss. I landed fish on almost each of the first 20 casts. After than they continued to come in at a decent rate.
 While I was somewhat surprised at how well the great fishing detracted from the pain. After landing around a dozen and a half I had to tie on a new San Juan Worm. Then back to it!
The three weight held it's own with fish like this one. After around around an hour of fishing it was time to call it a day. I struggled to my feet and immediately hit the ground after placing the smallest amount of weight on my right foot. So shit, this wasn't going to be so easy! I rose to one foot and decided to hop to a decent sized log that looked about the right height for a crutch. Perfect. I hobbled over to the stream with this water logged crutch, forded the river with the aid of said crutch, then struggled the 30 yards back to the car. The drive home sucked. I had to drive with my left leg which feels pretty weird. 

After a quick run to the Acute Care Clinic in Rochester I learned that it's not broken. It's definitely sprained and there may be some damage to the tendons or ligaments. Damn.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Trip Report: Gillies

Even though the areas been hit pretty hard by rain over the last week fishing has been alright! There's only one trout stream in the area that I know isn't blown out and I plan of fishing that tomorrow. Otherwise I've been hitting the Gillies!
The bigger fish put a great bend in the rod! Fish have been eager to take the San Juan Worm. Earlier in the week I found this bullgill along with three or four bigger ones and at least 50 smaller ones.
 The rain beat down pretty hard on the surface for the two hours I fishing this morning. My first two fish were chunky little perch. I hoped to tie into a few really nice ones but no dice.
This colored up gillie at the worm. I plan to continue fishing gillies and some bass soon, but tomorrow will be for the trout!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Trip Report: Tryin' to Fish More!

I haven't been out fishing much lately but I'm trying to change that. Today was a good start.
 After a a few weeks of good wet/dry patterns the stream is full and the grass is turning greener. The river had a slight stain, perfect for the San Juan Worm!
The worm didn't perform as well as I'd hoped. Lots of fish could be seen swimming at it only to turn away at the last second. I did hook into two that easily busted my 5X tippet. My three weight was no match in tight quarters with deep undercuts.
After a while I switched between a deer hair quill bodied mayfly emerger, the squirrel of prey, and the worm. The mayfly emerger performed well.

 In a few weeks I'm going on vacation in the Black Hills. I've heard good things about fishing the Hills so hopefully I'll have a good report for you! And hopefully soon I'll tango with a beast. Until then...

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Trip Report: Fishin' This Weekend, Finally

I got out fishing yesterday with my old man and this afternoon on my own. It felt great to get back on the water. Yesterday we fished a private stretch of water that we'd gotten permission to fish. Unfortunately the land owner had already given permission to another group in the morning so we fishing the afternoon and it definitely seemed like we fished behind someone.
Dad had a respectable showing, including this big sucker. We both got excited for a second but it's still cool to see decent fish caught on a fly rod!
I landed this solid brownie on my three weight. He came from a foot behind that look jam you can see on in the top left side of the photo. A few smaller trout came to hand as well.
 Today I headed to a new spot that I bumped into while hunting for mushrooms earlier last week. This spot is close to home and requires a beautiful walk through the woods to access the stream.
The drive was beautiful as well!
 After the walk I tied a size 18 WD40 behind a pink squirrel of prey and prodded the water. The problem is, the sun was bright and the water clear. I spooked a bunch of decent trout including at least two over 18".
This guy took the WD40 and put up a great fight on the three weight. I'd guess he was around 14". It felt great to get out fishin' this weekend and with the wife busy this week I plan to get out at least once!

Saturday, May 6, 2017


I hope to eventually have a solid inventory of hooks at great prices over at Whitewater Valley Flies but for now I'm starting with some Dai-Riki 135 Scud hooks.
I have them in sizes 18, 20, and 22 for now. If anyone has any requests please don't hesitate to let me know. Pricing is as follows: $2.75/25 hooks, $5.50/50 hooks, and $10.00/100 hooks. Stay tuned for more listings!!! And a new fishing post or two;)