Sunday, October 7, 2018

Trip Report: Birthday Trout!

You know that kid at your birthday party who blows out your candles?
I give him a pass though since he's reppin' the Brewers! This buttery brown is pretty close to the spawn. Jesse pulled it in quick with his spinning rod and after admiring the fish for a brief moment released it into the pool from which it came. Jesse also landed a 19 inch brute yesterday! I didn't land the lunker of my desire but brought plenty of fish to hand.
 Jesse used a Rapala briefly but focused mostly on his spinner game. I started out with a streamer which fished really well until around 1030am when baetis mayflies (size 20ish light green) started coming off. I switched to a size 20 comparadun pattern with trimmed hackle used for the wing. It's a dainty fly that matches these more diminutive mayflies.
A few larger than average trout took the mayfly. Fish ate consistently in pools and long flats but proved a tough quarry with such clear stream conditions. After a long, somewhat brutal walk back to the cars we decided to head to another stream known to harbor some bigguns.
I fished the same streamer pattern that I've been using lately and it worked well. Fish were rising consistently on this stream as well so I rounded out the afternoon with a few on dries!

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