Sunday, November 11, 2018

Trip Report: State Park Fishin'

I've been busy with work and more work so I've only made brief forays into the Park. Those precious few hours over the last three weeks kept me fueled. Fishing has been good.
These big rainbows fought hard on the 7' 9" three weight. Fish have been eating various midge patterns including the size 18 red brassie and zebra midges. I used the net which really helps. In my experience rainbows get especially wiggly! I missed some good photos when the fish slipped through my gentle grip.
The colors on these bows are incredible. Pictures do not do justice to the vivid reds, pinks, purples, silver, and iridescence in these fish. This weekend I finally had a few days open. With icy temps in the forecast the plan was to fish a little and hang out inside a bunch!
With a little snow on the ground I carefully hiked around and fished for a few hours both today and yesterday. Stocker bows and smaller browns readily ate various colored size 18 midge patterns.
I didn't take a bunch of pics on either day. Every time my hands got wet after unhooking a fish (which I did for most fish in the net) left my hands frozen. The aim was to limit exposure of the trout and of my cold hands to the frigid air, which this time of the year can make a trip miserable. It felt good to  stretch my legs in the woods and bother a few trout. I took next week off work to hunt and fish so stay tuned!

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