Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Trip Report: Tryin' to Fish More!

I haven't been out fishing much lately but I'm trying to change that. Today was a good start.
 After a a few weeks of good wet/dry patterns the stream is full and the grass is turning greener. The river had a slight stain, perfect for the San Juan Worm!
The worm didn't perform as well as I'd hoped. Lots of fish could be seen swimming at it only to turn away at the last second. I did hook into two that easily busted my 5X tippet. My three weight was no match in tight quarters with deep undercuts.
After a while I switched between a deer hair quill bodied mayfly emerger, the squirrel of prey, and the worm. The mayfly emerger performed well.

 In a few weeks I'm going on vacation in the Black Hills. I've heard good things about fishing the Hills so hopefully I'll have a good report for you! And hopefully soon I'll tango with a beast. Until then...

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