Saturday, July 15, 2017

Trip Report: Yak Fishin'

Today my country ass got out fishin' with my friend Sean from the cities. We saddled up the kayaks and hit the stream around 930am. We started both fishing a size 16 Quill Bodied Hairwing Mayfly Emerger swung down and across. I landed numerous small fish as well as a few bigger ones in the first run. Sean took a minute to adjust to fishing this style but began to bring them in with some frequency as we proceeded.
The water was crystal clear except for the deeper pools which carried just the right amount of sediment. Many fish caught on the Emerger came from the transitions from clear water to the perfectly stained green spots. After the sun came on strong around 2pm we switched to using nymphs through some of the deeper pools. The Pink Squirrel of Prey, prince nymph, and early stage caddis emerger fished really well.
Sean prodded the depths of this typical riffle-y run to no avail. We missed a ton of strikes today, probably because we're both a little out of practice right now:( I hope to change that over the next few weeks, stay tuned.

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