Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Trip Report: Avoiding the Jungle

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After getting home from work and thinking about mowing the lawn, tying flies, and working on a rod I decided to avoid the jungle growing in my yard and the jungle growing in the woods and decided to fish a pastured section of a local stream. I was near the headwaters but visibility was good (two feet). Streams are hit or miss in the area with larger streams needing a little more time to clear up.
I fished with a size 18 olive zebra midge at first but after only a few smaller trout I tied on a rusty colored midge of the same size and began hauling 'em in consistently. This was the big fish of the day although I did briefly hook into one around 18.
After landing around a dozen I tied on a quill bodied mayfly emerger and landed a few brookies! All I noticed on the surface were little (appx size 20) midges which fish rose to sporadically. I fished the fly dead drifted and skittered. Fish preferred the fish on top and only half-heartedly swiped at the fly when it submerged. After landing a half dozen or so on the mayfly I tied the midge back on.
This decent brookie, quite a few smaller ones, and a heap of chunky browns came to hand over the course of around two and a half hours. This stream usually requires great stealth but with cloudy skies fishing was easy! Stay tuned. I hope to get out this weekend between tying flies and building rods!


  1. Ah, avoiding yard work. It's so easy to do when the weather is nice and you have the itch to catch fish. Some great looking fish there, and such small flies. I have yet to catch a fish on something they small (at least I don't think I have, probably not.).

    1. Hey Justin, hit me up if you find yourself around my way and want to learn the way of the small fly!