Monday, July 9, 2018

Trip Report: New Fly Rod and Some Fishin'

Yesterday I went on a death march with a friend and my brand new rod! I planned to sell this one but I've made good progress over the last few builds I've done and figured I need to represent my rods better on stream (I've been using a nice little 7' 9" three weight but it doesn't have the same attraction). The sun was bright, temperatures warm, and water still pretty cloudy. San Juan worms on the menu.
This brownie gave a great accounting of itself but came to hand after a short battle. We went hard in tough conditions and after a dozen or so smaller trout each we headed home. We probably hiked 5 miles total and were happy to see the car.
Tonight I headed out to test out a few fly patterns. I wasn't out long but managed to turn a few decent fish. I didn't connect on any of the larger fish. One size smaller on the dry fly would have been ideal.
 This was the average size caught today. After an hour or so of fishing and 7 or 8 to hand I headed home, but not before admiring the new rod for a little bit! This blank roll casts like a dream but in a 9' 5 weight it's a little bulkier than I'm used to. This time a year I usually start to tie into some larger fish so hopefully the larger rod will be put to good use.
Stay tuned, I got an order for a 3 weight that I'll be working on over the next week. It's gonna be sweet!

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